Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting A Little Better

Okay, so blogging once every three or four months isn't good...but it's better than once every 9 months. I have got to get better about blogging. We have had so much going on, mostly just house projects, but they are so time consuming.

We had a great Christmas. Christmas break was so different this year since Parker is in school now. I really enjoyed him being home during the day! Christmas Eve with Jeremy's parents was very enjoyable. We went for lunch, opened gifts and sat and relaxed while the kids watched Toy Story III until it was time to leave for the candlelight service.

We did our usual Christmas Eve traditions with the kids and went to bed. Parker woke me up at 6:30AM...momma, wake up...It's Christmas, I got a bike...come see! He was so cute. He was very patient while he waited until almost 9:00 when Jeremy and Brooklyn woke up.

Giving me big smiles! :)
In Brooklyn's pink hippo tent.

The Monday after Christmas Amy, Craig and the boys came down for a few days and then were off to Frisco to see Craig's family. Gene, April and Grandmom also came down so we had such an enjoyable time with family.

The house is really coming along. The floors are done in the entryway, fireplace room, living room and Brooklyn's room. Jeremy has done alot of work and I absolutely love them. They look so good! I have a few before and after pics...

The kid's bathroom still has a ways to go. I have painted the walls, but am going to have to paint again so the textures will match. We had a problem with the paint peeling off in alot of areas. We still don't have cabinet doors or a vanity. It is functional though.
The dining area is small so the half wall in the picture on the right is going to come down...eventually.
Brooklyn's room is done too but I need to clean it up before I take pictures. :) Hopefully it won't be another 3-4 months before I get those on here. Well, I better get to bed. It is almost 1:00 AM and I have to go up to the school tomorrow and help with Parker's class.

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Pink Ice Princess said...

What a great job! I had asked J about pictures and he said you had some! I am really impressed and happy for you guys! ~Rika